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    Have you ever thought putting a sports forum/sub on MCC? I for one I would truly love it. As opposed to now when I either put it in whats on your mind and/or news & last issue.

    At the same time I’m going start this with couple of my questions/answers that I have regarding US/Canadian/other North American Sports.

    Is it even feasible for one to think that both expansion both teams in all of the amateur, semi, pro leagues can win the ultimate prize at the end of their first season?

    Just look at far we have come from the beginning, until now, and future. I mean both what it takes and what involved in it. Especially during the off season as well. This also includes the ones that have won in their couple to few seasons in last, couple, few decades, generations.

    Is it still even feasible to think that Jim Rutherford (GM aka General Manager) and Pittsburgh Penguins trading away one of their best players (they are Sidney Crosby #1 and #3 Evgeni Malkin) this point in time?

    I mean if he waives his no trade cause in his contract. Especially, not getting the recognition that he truly deserves at this stage of his career and beyond. Don’t get me wrong I do know that he has been injury prone for quite some time.

    Or is it better to keep him around because whom really knows how much Sidney Crosby can keep on playing at this level. In light of his concussion history, what we know concussions, and beyond.

    At the same time the opposite could happen. Let’s say if both of the players have conversation about it and/or with hc aka head coach/cs aka coaching staff/gm/front office aka management/ownership/s.In which this also applies one another gm and team with two of their best players in the same league as them.

    And it also applies to all others (players, gms, teams, amateur/professional/semi).

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